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We have combined our knowledge of growing up in a purebred operation and guidance from our mentors along the way, to produce cattle that are successful in the show ring as well as the pasture. Whether you are looking to raise seed stock bulls, or females to raise the next banner – Coudron Charolais are sound, functional cattle with dimension! We are proud to offer the following cattle for sale.

Coudron Charolais Online Female Sale
Monday, November 1, 2021

THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE. We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.
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This is truly a sale that has been years in the making, generations of our best cow families have built the foundation of this offering, one that we couldn’t be more proud to present. Below we have 10 show heifer & brood cow prospects that are the result of meticulous breeding and selection, investments have been made in the best genetics we could source. These heifers have all been broke to tie with many of them being at the point where we would be comfortable, with guidance, to take them out to a jackpot type show. With that in mind we encourage you to reach out to us directly to discuss the offering, and your situation so we can help advise you on the best direction for meeting your goals and aspirations. There are truly opportunities throughout the sale that we think could positively affect an operation, big or small. We look forward to hosting you at the farm in Gibbon, Minnesota or speaking with you over the phone about these live and genetic lots. Thank you for taking the time to inspect the offering. 

LOT 1: 1906

Sire: M&M Outsider4003 PLD
Dam: HF Mustang Sally 904
DOB: 2/22/2021

LOT 2: 1783

Sire: TR CAG Carbon Copy 7630E ET
Dam: CC Ginger 9783 ET PLD (Full sib to Carly Rae)
DOB: 3/5/2021

LOT 3: 1609

Sire: CAG CC Sideline 7063E
Dam: CC Zoie 2609 PLD TW
DOB: 3/11/2021

LOT 4: 1655

Sire: CAG CC Sideline 7063E
Dam: CC Dari 6055 ET PLD
DOB: 3/14/2021

LOT 6: 1117

Sire: BOY Outlier 812 ET PLD
Dam: CC Cigars Fire 717 PLD
DOB: 4/5/2021

LOT 7: 2101

Sire: M&M Outsider 4003 PLD
Dam: CC TR Adalina 3129 PLD ET "Kimmy Cakes"
DOB: 4/10/2021
Full sib to Sideline

LOT 8: 2102

Sire: M&M Outsider 4003 PLD
Dam: CC TR Adalina 3129 PLD ET "Kimmy Cakes"
DOB: 4/15/2021
Full sib to Sideline

LOT 9: 2103

Sire: TR CAG Carbon Copy 7630E ET
Dam: CC TR Adalina 3129 PLD ET "Kimmy Cakes"
DOB: 4/22/2021

LOT 10: 1207

Sire: RBM TR Rhinestone Z38
Dam: M&M Ms Carbine 1567 PLD
DOB: 5/4/2021
Full sib to Carbon Copy

LOT 11: 1128

Sire: TR CCDeliverance7974 Pld ET
Dam: WDZ CC Katelyn 128 P ET
DOB: 5/20/2021

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